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TVN is one of the biggest and most important TV network in Chile. This network broadcast and produce different kinds of contents, one of the most successful one is the daily news. Due to its success and prestige, a secondary channel was created, only dedicated to news and their analysis.

The app 24 Horas was developed with the objective to keep the audience informed during the day without the need of being next to a television Elegant and orientated to the final user, this app will create a whole new experience from a daily activity like reading the news.

This app is a hybrid between the famous news-reading apps (Pulse or News 360º) and the proprietary apps (CNN, AP, BBC).  The innovation behind the 24 Horas app is that it creates a mix of the best of both worlds, generating a unique usability proposal.

This app maintains the hierarchy from the 24horas.cl website and the coherence of the contents. The different subjects are divided on sections and organized on the same way, and the most important news are the first ones on the list. Besides the news sections there is Comunidad 24. Here the user can find different contents that were developed and uploaded from the users of the app with the same name.

The navigation between the different categories is based on sliding through each one of the sections. This can be used to have access to the General Settings and the Profile, to see different news inside each section, or even on one of the news to share it on the Social Networks (with Gigya API) and save it as a favorite.

On the top of the app you can find the Main Menu, with the settings button, the weather information and another button that connects with the online sign.

When the user touches one of the news, this opens and overlaps the article. If the device that is being used to open this app is in a horizontal position, the user will still be able to see other news, and if it’s vertical, it will escalate to see the article in the best way. The user can also see a bigger version of the photo, escalate and change the typography, and change the brightness of the screen. The buttons Favorites, Send and Share in Social Networks are also available and the Exit button bring back the previous screen with more news.

The app also allows to display advertising content provided by the advertising platform 24/7 Real Media Open AdStream.


Technical Details:

The app was develop for IOS Systems using SDK iOS 6.1 and Xcode 4.6.3 or the last stable version. For Android was develop using Android SDK (last stable version).

App Services:

  • GPS Multimedia

    Multimedia: Images, audio and video

    Local data base (Sqlite)

    Internal storage




    XML and JSON data

    Brightness adjustment

App Functions:

  • Weather

    Social Networks

    Economic Indicators


    Multimedia Content

    Subscription to categories

    Notifications system

    Adjust text size

    Updated by demand

    Tracking (Google Analytics or other)


Escenic (CMS 24 horas):

The 24 Horas CMS is an API provided by Escenic. The proposal considers the study and connection with this API and other services from the information provided by the 24 Horas App.

Integration features:

  • App integration using REST APIs (XML)

    Content sync

    Multimedia sync


Integration using REST APIs (XML)

Integration features:

  • Users management (information, create, modify and delete)

    Social Network connection (Facebook, Twitter) and integrating their features (share, comment, like)

    Multimedia content (album, photos)

    User authentication

24/7 Real Media Open AdStream

  • Open AdStream de 24/7 Media integration

    Connection with the AdStream servers and distribution of contents in the app

    It also gives the possibility of integration with Mobile Advertising Fast Gast (mobile advertising platform)

24 horas24 horas

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