About us

Option is dedicated to provide software as a service, not only the development of this but also the continuance of this one.

We’re constantly looking for being the best ones in our area and the secret to reach that goal is being different form the rest. We believe that the key to do this is not putting all the attention on developing services for the direct client, but also thinking on the hundreds of thousands that will use them, this is why we always create attractive and easy to use services.

We also serve as an incubator for new software development projects primarily aimed at generating services; this is why we’re constantly seeking opportunities to create joint ventures in order to continue the development of creative and innovative ideas all over the world. This is how, with projects in Sweden, Finland, Spain and several countries in Latin American, Option have established itself in the market of information technologies.

In Option we think that the environment is one of the biggest pieces to Developer new ideas, having a space that encourages the creativity. Due to this, our working culture is based on personal responsibilities and flexibility, along with prioritizing the work environment. An example of this is that every lunch break we play Call of Duty online, diving on teams and helping to strengthen the relationships within the team.

Thanks to our business model, Option has been recognized and awarded in a national and international level. In 2013, we received the award as the Most Innovative Company from LG Korea. This was due to our contribution on the development of new technologies and services for the Smart TV.

In 2014, Option received the Emerging Awards from Chile in the Technology category. This awards are given to “cross-border” digital companies, due to their international achievements thanks to their innovation and competitiveness.