Not all of our ideas end up becoming real projects, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not proud of them. This are just a few of the many prototypes that we have done, including apps, games and tools, all of them are different ways to let us know, to represent the creative spirit behind Option and our constant search for new ideas.

Mr. Pizza

Mr. Pizza was the first game that we create for Smart TV including the 3D technology. It was based on a colorful and funny character that was a Pizza Delivery Men. He needed to pass different obstacles to finally achieve the Finish. There were different stages all of them based in diverse scenarios.

To be able to play, the user needed to wear the 3D glasses and to use the Magic control from LG TV. With this the game emulates the 3D effect dividing the screen in two layers. The first one was Mr. Pizza using the 3D technology, and the second one was the background that was flat or unidimensional.

PIZZA Boy Delivery

Videos Option

With this videos we try to explain the way that we work at Option. We create this videos with the intention of represent our constant search for new ideas and the challenges that we confront everyday.

Trough this videos we try to express our working view, what inspire us and our business model.


Mobile Sports App

The app is divided in different sections and the user can fin them all on the Main Menu. One of the sections allows the user to subscribe as a club member, it also gives information about the history of the team in an interactive way, and a letter from the President of the team.

The user can also find information about the team, statistics and all the details about the players, from their skills on the field to their personality and mentality at the moment to enter to the field.

Finally, there are sections dedicated to news, galleries and videos. All the categories and contents are available to be shared on the different social networks.

Sales Mobile App

This app was developed using as an example the automotive Bruno Frisch, but the app can be applied to any kind of business. The app allows to select and see different products and multimedia content, like videos, sounds and galleries. The purpose of this app is to create a new experience, attractive and elegant in an agile and useful way.

The app consist in a demo of a catalogue that has a Main Menu where the user can find all the different brands. After choosing a brand he will find the different models available. When the user choose a model he can see photos of the car, 360º views, try different colors and all the information about the technical details and equipment of the vehicle.

Finally, the user can also make an online quotation, filling up the contact form available in the app. This was developed with the system Focusales, that allows to process a final quotation in a fast and easy way for the costumer and the company.

The app was developed in Adobe InDesign due to the requirements of the app and the qualities of the software.

Mapu App

One of the most important native cultures form Chile are the Mapuches, who live among us until today integrating their traditions with the modern world.

As a recognition to their culture we created Mapu App, an app for mobile devices that allows to recognize words in mapudungun (their native language) and translate them to Spanish and vice versa. The app was developed on the native language from iOS and it’s available for Ipod Touch, Iphone and IPad.

The biggest challenge from this project was the time when we did it. When we created this app there where just a few companies working to develop apps for iOS. This represented a big innovation in the area and it caught the attention of the media being published in newspapers and websites like Fayer Wayer.

Option Tools

In Option we consider that helping each other is an essentials part of the process of developing new Technologies and innovating, so then we can all create services and apps that will make our life easier and better every day. That’s why we decide to create some free tools to help whoever needs them. Is a website where developers can find tools specially designed for them. Some of the services available are Unserializer, useful to storage the PHP values without loosing their structure; RUT generators; connection speed tests; and email validator.

There are also tools like the MD5 Digest, that can be used to storage passwords; Timestamps Convert, used to convert dates and hours to the Unix Timestamp and vice versa.

The use of all this tools are 100% responsibility of the user.

Option Tools