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With the goal of simplifying the purchase process for the sales team and the costumer, Option and LG developed the app LG Exhibition. This app replaces the fact of having the products in the store, avoiding with this the use of extra space, and is a tool for the sales team to show the benefits from each product, using attractive 3D models. This app allows to show all the details and benefits from each product, complementing the purchase experience and personalizing the service, concentrated on the client specific needs.

The sales man will use this app as a sales tool. In this he will be able to have access to all the appliances from LG and the different models available.

The first step is to define the product that the potential costumer is interested in. After that, he needs to choose a family or products so finally he can analyze all the models available and choose the one that fits his needs.

The client can see 3D models developed by Option for each product, he would also be able to check the interior of the appliances. Each model will have a maximum of 5 hotspots that will show the details and benefits of the product, together with additional information from LG, a video and images. The app also allows to see the product in two different scenarios so the client can imagine how the product will look at his house.

With the main purpose of creating a personalized search for the client and easy access to the information for the sales team, the app counts with different filters (size, color, capacity, among others) that will allow to organize the products in a fast and efficient way.

At the end of the interaction between with the potential costumer, the salesman must add the clients information like his name and email, if he bought the product or not, and how long was the conversation. All this information will be synchronized with the project Dynamic Sites from LG, working as a complimentary tool, so in the future this potential costumer will receive information based on his interests.


Technical Details:

The app was developed for Android systems using the last stable version of Android SDK.

One of the main purposes is to create an experience as realistic as possible, that’s why 3D models from each product were develop. This models were created with the system 3D Unity.

To create a personalized costumer profile and the information that is given to him, LG Exhibition connects with the system LG Dynamic Sites. This is trough an API that Option is developing and it will work only when the device is connected to the Internet. In this way, the device will synchronize with DS sending the information from the costumer.

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