Rock Science


Rock Science is a board game that is based on a Rock trivia. This consist in challenging your knowledge about the world of rock n’ roll, transforming all the conversation from parties and bars, into an entertaining and a real competition.

This game was developed in Sweden and it count with 2,500 questions about hundreds of rock bands and the rock culture, starting from the ’60s until today. After the board game was launched it became so popular that was translated to other languages and commercialized in Scandinavia, Germany, the US and the UK. Other versions from they game have been launched, specially collaborations with brands like Marshall or with bands like Mothörhead.

Due to its popularity, this game joined the technology and it was adapted to an app for smartphones and tablets. This is when the company NVDAY, the creator from the original idea, started conversations with Option to develop the app together.

The app follows the same structure of the board game. It’s about answering questions from different categories, such as Songs, Albums, Rockers, 50/50 and Sex, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll, and with this the user can pass levels like Poser and Fan to finally reach Scientist. Besides this, as he answer questions, he will unlock achievements and get medals.

It’s also possible to download Booster Packages (some are free) that includes questions from an specific topic like Heavy Metal, Rock Rock and Grunge, among others.

This app will connect the users so they will be able to compete within each other and play online at any time of the day, without the need of being all together at the same place.


Technical Details:

The app was developed for iOS systems with SDK 7.0 (last stable version) and it’s now being developed for Android with ADT 22.3.0.

One of the purposes is that the users can share the game with their friends, that’s why we create an integration with Facebook. In this way they can have access to their account, connecting immediately with their friends that are also playing the game.

Option is also planning to add the integrations from Twitter, Youtube and Wikipedia, all this to have additional information to create a unique experience for the user.

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