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Our work vision is based on the team: Everybody has always something to add, that’s why our team is always working in different kinds of projects and using diverse technologies. In this way, we can achieve a global vision of the project and analyze it from different points of view.

Our meetings with the costumers are always open for the whole team. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t related with the project itself, but we always want them to be during the meeting so we can develop more complex ideas from different angles. This enriches the ideas from perspectives that we wouldn’t be able to see if it wasn’t for an open conversation with all the team. All the different opinions only make us grow, to evolve from the starting idea and take it from a way that can be more interesting for the client, the user and us.

At Option we follow a concept of collaborative work, prioritizing the quality and the innovation. That’s why we look for talented people that know how to work with different technologies, who understand the importance of the teamwork and that are always standing out among their peers.

Internship Programs

At Option we’re always looking to add new visions to our team that can bring a international influence. This is why, since 2011, we have received students from different countries, such as Brazil, France and United States.

Due to this, we have been able to set agreements like the one we have with the Polytechnique University of France. They send a group of students every year for two months so they can do their internships in our company. Many of them worked on international projects, being this a great reference for their professional future.

Until 2013, 18 students had been part of our team, being integrated to the work and developing different projects. Every day we have more projects and challenges related with different areas, that’s why we’re always looking for fresh points of view from interns who want to be part of our team.

Elise Michon, from the Polytechnique University of France, did her internship with us on 2013. She was part of the team that developed the project of Help Six! together with the Finnish company Sanoma.

How was your experience working at Option?

Option had a project related with mathematical games, developed a few years ago with an educational Finnish company, called Sanoma. The main purpose of this was to create a new online platform so then the user could have access to a selection of games. During my internship I was part of the team that developed this web site. The mission was calculated for the 6 weeks that my internship lasted.

The access to the game platform, called Help Six!, was released for the sixth International Education Fair, the 22nd and 23rd of august 2013 in Santiago. I participated during the two days of exhibition, presenting the project to teachers, principals, parents and kids.

Elise Michon

Elise Michon

Polytechnique University of France

The fact of working in a different country, how did it change your point of view about the world and your career?

Even if the dateline was too soon, the management from Option always wants to achieve their goals. That’s why they have an special way to motivate and execute every task in a really efficient way, even during a really busy time. They have a lot of strength when they have to give a task to the developers and they’re also an important pressure at the end of a project, but at the same time, the let their team to work free and to manage their own times.

I think that this way of understand the job is very different to the one that most workers and companies have in France, and there is a great future for this idea because Option’s employees enjoy to work in this kind of company, because of the dynamism and the autonomy.

What would you say to students that are thinking about doing their internship in Option?

Option is a company where you can have contact with all the team and be part of all the areas of a project, from the creative process to the commercial part. They receive international interns in a relax and stimulating environment. The office is located in the city center of Santiago so that also gives you an opportunity to have a great experience beyond the professional aspect.

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